Cuba Road District

About the district

The Road District has year-round jurisdictional roadway agreements, year-round intergovernmental agreements with the Village of Lake Barrington and Tower Lakes. The Road District also has winter operations agreements with the Village of Barrington Hills, Village of South Barrington, and Barrington Township. These agreements result in responsibility for the maintenance of roads year-round of approximately 105 miles of road way, including 40 miles of Township Roads, or approximately 215 miles of traffic lanes. During the winter months these numbers swell to 175 miles of road way or approximately 360 miles of traffic lanes. The District fulfills these agreements with a complete staff and multiple pieces of equipment. Previous to these agreements each village contracted with a private contractor sometimes at costs just for snowplowing that exceeded what the Road District bills for year round services. This benefits the Township as a whole and the unincorporated areas by allowing the Road District to purchase specialized equipment and manpower that it would not otherwise have the revenue for and at the same time benefit the villages it serves while furnishing specialized manpower, routine road maintenance and equipment which in most cases a village could not obtain from a private contractor or would pay an exorbitant sum for. The Road District is actively working to expand its year round services to the villages utilizing it only during winter months and to expand into other BACOG villages.

Revenues earned have allowed us to hire road workers who due to previous employment are specialized in various areas in addition to regular road working skills. We have a certified Fleet Service Manager, a GIS Analyst, Certified Welders, a Licensed Electrician, an Arborist and other employees with many years of public works experience. Notwithstanding their specialized knowledge, they all function as road workers in addition to specialized duties.

Any Questions? You may contact us at 847 381 7793