Current Projects

Coal Tar Sealcoats:

  • The Cuba Township Road District has adopted a new policy to evaluate coal tar sealants throughout our district. We are in the process of regulation through permitting the type of sealant to be used on driveways, paths, and parking lots. We have banned the use of Coal Tar Sealants within our district because they are a waste residue that contains a high amount of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that are toxic to humans, animals and aquatic life. Coal Tar sealants are a known carcinogen recognized by the EPA and should be substituted with asphalt emulsion sealants.

Drainage Crew:

  • The drainage crew is currently working on replacing numerous failing driveway culverts and cross culverts within the unincorporated areas of the township as well as the villages we serve under the IGA we have in place with each village. In addition to culvert replacements, we have cleaned out catch basins and other drainage structures and have hauled the Municipal Solid Waste to Waste Management
  • Annual maintenance and cleaning of drainage structures will begin this spring in Unincorporated Cuba Township and the Village of Tower Lakes

Paving Crew:

  • The paving crew has completed the first round of "throw and go" pothole patching throughout the entire township, although as we all know this is a never ending battle.

Tree Crew/ROW Mowing:

  • Tree Crew has completed cutting back the R.O.W. on Cuba Road all the way from Route 14 to Route 59.
  • Efforts have been made in the Biltmore Subdivision to push back brush and trees in the R.O.W. due to safety concerns.


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