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Randy marks

Highway Commissioner

Cuba Township

 Road DIstrict

Recent winter conditions have created challenges for all Barrington area residents and motorists. Our main goal is to provide safe, passable roads for all who travel throughout the Cuba Township Road District. Our road crew makes every effort to ensure the roads are clear and provide effective, efficient snow and ice control programs for all of our communities. The primary objective of the snow and ice control program is to reduce the hazardous winter conditions for motorists. The recent road salt shortage has required a change in our de-icing agents.

The Cuba Township Road District does ask for our residents' and motorists' cooperation with our snow and ice control program:
- Please use extreme caution when driving or walking near plow and salting vehicles.
- Give the plow and salting vehicles the right of way while they are working to maintain our roads in a safe condition for your use. They have the legal right of way.
Be watchful of our Road District staff as they work to clear and de-ice our roads.
- Reduce your speeds while traveling during snowy and icy conditions for your safety and the safety of all pedestrians, motorists, and workers.
- Please inform your private snow removal company to plow snow properly - by not leaving snow residue in the right of way.
Thank you for your patience and support in our efforts to maintain safe roads in Cuba Township.

Cuba Township like other northeastern Illinois communities has experienced above average snowfall and below average temperatures over the past several weeks. Now it is dealing with its latest challenge – a regional shortage of road salt. Cuba Township Road District contracts for salt through the Illinois Joint Purchasing Program and supplies throughout the state are at low levels. This has required a modification in our de-icing mixture of salt, sand, birdseye, and an organic liquid de-icer. Over the past three years, our average annual salt usage has been 2000 tons.  Approximately 2500-2700 tons of road salt has been used thus far on Cuba Township roads. Future snowfall and freezing temperatures will obviously further impact our salt supply.

Welcome and thank you for visiting Cuba Township Road District's new webpage. We have updated it and made it easier to access information. The Cuba Township Road District has existed since the formation of Cuba Township in the mid 1800's. Its purpose has always been to maintain the roadways within the Township. This duty has evolved from maintaining dirt and some gravel roads to today's technologically advanced Road District involved in a multitude of functions and services. This site will provide you with information about the services we offer to you. You will be informed of the current projects as well as upcoming ones. Links to other communities within Cuba Township are included in hopes that you will consider this to be a portal for useful community information. We created special "Resident's Services" Buttons to make it quicker and easier to access the Services we provide to the residents ! Also new to our site is a link to our Facebook Page. Please visit us on our Facebook page, become our friend and chat with us! We hope the information provided in this website will help you get acquainted with our Services and answer any questions you may have about your Road District.

We are also readily available to any resident who has questions or problems with any of our services. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please send them to We want to hear from you! If you would like to see our services in operation or would like to tour the facilities or have any questions whatsoever, please call the Road District at 847 381 7793.